Coding Crew Holiday Club News

Coding Crew Holiday Club News

See what our Coding Crew Easter Bunnies got up to at our first Coding Crew Easter Holiday Club!

We had such a successful week at our Coding Crew Club this Easter holiday…from coding on Python and Scratch to robotics  and html website building, alongside some serious scientific problem-solving.. our Coding Crew had tons of technology and coding fun.

There was a huge array of technology to play with…we experimented with robotics programming –  racing their robots and navigated them through mazes.  We had some fun Python quizzes and we even drew with our robots.  Some of our eager coders took their new websites home to continue their projects, plus we also sent home some interesting Python and Scratch Online development work..

But it wasn’t just about coding online – we  had some role-playing fun, together with some logistical exercises to illustrate just how coding works.  Our budding scientists learned about the importance of creating algorithyms using practical exercises ..from planning the project and programming the instructions through to execution.  What a great demonstration of how using practical teamwork and instruction-based exercises work to build our coding models!

Coding Crew Clubs have STEM learning expertise at their core, mixed with practical fun and games to engage the children and spark their creativity.

What a fun, engaging and interactive time we all had!  Well done Coding Crew Bunnies for all your hard work!  Come back soon to the Coding Crew Club for more coding and robotics fun.  All you need is your imagination!